Wellness is Community

In an uncertain world, your body can tremble hustling just to survive masina pull on the vasa, causing tides you cannot control when stillne...
In an uncertain world, your body can tremble hustling just to survive masina pull on the vasa, causing tides you cannot control when stillness is too far stretched and your breath is shallow in your chest to settle your body it takes a visit, to self, to aiga to familiar food cooking on the stove, in your home within a village of safety. But when the safety of that home becomes target when brown is named scapegoat for blame when your home is the birthplace of the essential workers keeping a whole nation moving frontline and front facing a virus yet, still smiling. When putting yourself at risk, means income means cupboards not empty and bills paid. When someone comes from this village mentality it's not helpful to ask them to heal alone because it takes a village to be well. The atamai of the vā between the village within you and the village surrounding you. For children of the moana wellness, is collective is listening to the ocean in YOU and the ocean in WE wellness is navigation is tending to our elderly wellness is balance is alofa, is love wellness is a ritual of alofa wellness is a radical act of love wellness is village is honouring your breath for a collective shared breath never bloomed but forever blooming wellness is US.
Mana Pasifika

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