Wellbeing Reimagined

My wellbeing meets the world shifting tilting, flips me sideways into unknown waters confronts the rupturing, to known surroundings throws m...
My wellbeing meets the world shifting tilting, flips me sideways into unknown waters confronts the rupturing, to known surroundings throws me headfirst into a knowingness My wellbeing has hard conversations that bite the tongue of truth heavy chest, betraying controlled breaths a collection of rejections wet on my cheeks My wellbeing is resilient My wellbeing don’t need to prove nothing Responds to indigenous healing as a cup of tea after a mirimiri Requires rest, needs a gentle place to rest its head curls up in loved ones comfort reimagines itself in the eye of the storm is a world unbreaking itself to re-remembering My wellbeing is rebuilding balance is Hauora bravely finds all the scattered pieces then raises its hand to ask for help turns the bruising into a journey of healing bold and brave and sometimes hard, but is learning I am so much more than my hurt My wellbeing breaks into generational trauma knowing it is a taonga to be passed down to my children’s children is part of my nafa, whakapapa My wellbeing maintains my whakapapa is worthy, is seen, is loved my wellbeing is love is love reimagined my wellbeing is your wellbeing is reimagined wellbeing together He tirohanga anamata
Mana Pasifika

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