Build connections with others and express your thoughts and feelings through spoken word poetry. Find support, connect and learn on The Lowdown.

Spoken Word Poetry Workshop by Zech Soakai
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Spoken Word Poetry Workshop - Zech Soakai#SpokenWord22mins
Te kore, Te po, Te ao Marama by Ivy Lyden-Hancy
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Te kore, Te po, Te ao Marama - Ivy Lyden-Hancy#SpokenWord2mins
A Body Apology by Angelina Faupula
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A Body Apology - Angelina Faupula#SpokenWord2mins
ii - The Vessel by Laith Alawneh
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ii - The Vessel - Laith Alawneh#SpokenWord3mins
NWA by Lisa Tuulima
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NWA - Lisa Tuulima#SpokenWord00
A young woman with long black hair, a large black shirt and sunglasses stands in front of a house and speaks to the camera.
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South Auckland to the World#SpokenWord2mins
An aerial drone shot of Ōtara Town Centre.
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Wellness is Community#SpokenWord3mins
In the middle of the day, a man sits on a chair in front of a pond, staring directly at the camera. Holding his hands over his chest in an emotive way.
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Wellbeing Reimagined#SpokenWord3mins

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