Not feeling that great about yourself today? Don’t take your word for it. Go ahead and argue with those negative thoughts.

  • Think about a recent time when your mood changed quickly from calm to sad, or calm to anxious
  • Immediately before your mood changed, chances are a thought ran through your mind (or a collection of thoughts). Try to identify one of these
  • Write down things that confirm your thoughts – stuff you’ve actually done, seen or heard
  • Then write down things that disagree with your thought
  • If it helps, ask a friend or whanau what they can think of
  • Tally up the score and see what the facts say.

He ahiahi pokopoko, he ata hī tore – ‘As the fire is extinguished, the light of dawn shines through.’ 

Nice one. It helps to take things one step at a time. So, get into this and check back afterwards for more.
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